7 Cybersecurity Sins When Working From Home

This presentation is for small businesses interested in having their employees work from home. It provides do's and don'ts as well as short-term and long-term goals business leadership should strongly consider to better protect business data/systems. This presentation also provides home users tips they can use to help secure their home environment such as seeing what's on their network. Our team originally presented this material on a Zoom webinar on April 23rd, 2020 in conjunction with multiple business organizations -- Hays Chamber of Commerce and FHSU Management Development Center. The version below is a recorded, webinar presentation without audience questions throughout.

Need help securing your business? Please keep TreeTop Security and the Peak platform in mind for a better approach to small business cybersecurity. We provide cybersecurity piece of mind for small businesses.


If your IT department, if your company was unprepared for this "new norm" of work from home, then you better be prepared for shadow IT.

Video Presentation

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