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About TreeTop Security


Security for all

TreeTop Security started with one vision -- To move security forward and one mission -- To help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture using best practices tailored to their industry, their business, and their goals.. Sometimes progress occurs when we help a customer better protect their infrastructure with our services and sometimes it is when we release a free tool or research for the rest of the IT community. Our goal to help protect data and improve computer and network security simply doesn't stop at those with huge budgets either.

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes. In addition, we have worked in numerous industries – banking, healthcare, energy, and just about every other given the push for PCI compliance. Companies large and small are getting breached. While big companies are spending millions to up their security game, they continue to fail because they fall short on many of the little things that make a big difference. Although no security is perfect, there are absolutely basic ideals to follow that often tend to not be so basic after all.


Experience & Education

That is where TreeTop Security comes in. The security industry is filled with numerous companies and not all are created equal. There are some ridiculously talented and brilliant folks. Unfortunately, for every one of them there are three “experts” who talk the talk, but fall flat on their face when trying to walk the walk. Quite simply, the latter prey on customers who expect honesty. We live by the rule that we gain absolutely nothing other than confusion by talking over your head or selling you something you don’t need. For example, our first step in any customer engagement is to ensure what you need is what you are asking for. How many security companies can you call for a penetration test and have them ask what security measures you have taken leading up the test? Why spend budget on a penetration test when there are holes you already know about? No agenda, no vendor sales quotas to meet, no BS. Just sound, proven tactics to improve your security at your company.

We follow IT best practices and the most proven frameworks to ensure the little things don’t slip through the cracks and/or lose sight of protecting what’s important. Another black box with blinky lights in the server room might be necessary, but there’s a good chance it might not. If an opportunity presents itself for a product and vendor discussion, we’ll bring it forward as a recommendation and facilitate the discussion with you. We do what makes sense and we present the options all while educating you about how we came to those decisions. Most folks come back with the reply that they don’t understand security – endpoint protection, VLANs, firewalls, etc. – and that is OK! The Albert Einstein quote that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is a motto we live by. One of our primary jobs is to educate you. Our goal is not merely to be the “outside consultants” you look to when you need security advice; our goal is to become a trusted business partner who understands how security impacts your business. And apparently, that is isn’t the norm in the security industry.


What's in a name?

TreeTop Security Logo

A company name should pique a customer's interest and exemplify what makes you different. The "TreeTop" name is a metaphor for what we saw in the security landscape at large. If you are lost in a forest, one can climb to the “TreeTop” and see the clearest path to safety as well as the potential perils that lie below. The symbolism continues on with our tagline -- Stand Above. This phrase refers to helping your company "Stand Above" the security threats affecting so many others. The tagline also emphasizes that we treat every customer with honesty and respect, ensuring our company can “Stand Above” the competition.


What Our Customers Say

Peak is above and beyond any security measures our business has ever done in the past. We're alerted on issues or even potential problems. We are even kept up to date on any ISP issues. Unmatched services at competitive prices make TreeTop and Peak the go-to solution for every small business.

RS Chiropractic Business Owner

We mean it when we say there has been a night and day difference from our old cybersecurity service provider to Treetop Security. They truly are experts in their field and we recommend them to anyone seeking peace of mind for their business security needs.

jg (Small)
JG Business Owner

Security is expensive. That is unless you partner with someone like TreeTop. Peak is an impressive solution that makes security affordable to every business.

es (Small)
ES Restaurant Owner

TreeTop Security is quick to respond, knowledgeable, and a vital part to keeping our company’s technology up-to-date, safe, and secure! Their dedication to Security Awareness has been a breath of fresh air and it’s important education we were not previously provided.

dl (Small)
DL Business Manager

We will continue using TreeTop Security for all of our high-end security needs because they give you sound advice and not fairytale recommendations where a business couldn't function afterward. Their understanding of business is a big plus and what really sets them apart!

BJ Business Owner

While every other security company is selling you something along with their assessment, we found TreeTop utilizing equipment and software we already owned. So refreshing to find a confidante in cyber security you can actually trust.

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