Peak Cybersecurity Platform

Peak Cybersecurity Platform

Affordable and comprehensive cybersecurity

4 Easy steps to secure your business

Contact & Consultation

Contact us for an initial consultation where our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your cybersecurity infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.



Tailored Solution Proposal

Based on the assessment findings, we’ll create a personalized cybersecurity solution tailored to your business’s unique requirements and budget, with your business in mind.


Implementation & Training

Once the proposal is approved, our team will begin implementing the agreed-upon cybersecurity measures across your business’s network, systems, and devices.


Ongoing Monitoring & Support

Our commitment to securing your business doesn’t end with implementation. We’ll continuously monitor your systems for any potential security breaches or emerging threats.


About the treetop peak platform

Designed for small businesses

Discover how cybersecurity has evolved from the days of relying solely on firewalls and antivirus software. Today, businesses face a complex landscape where these traditional measures barely scratch the surface of protection. Gone are the days of “set and forget” security solutions. Instead, safeguarding your business requires ongoing vigilance and robust processes.

The cybersecurity paradigm has shifted from being solely a concern for large corporations to a critical issue for businesses of all sizes. This shift has brought the cybersecurity crisis from Wall Street to Main Street. Even with substantial budgets, large companies still struggle with breaches, highlighting the daunting nature of cybersecurity.

Enter TreeTop Security’s Peak platform, born from over 20 years of experience in IT and security. Recognizing the need for affordable yet comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for small businesses, Peak was developed. This innovative platform is designed to provide top-tier cybersecurity without draining your budget.

While no solution can guarantee protection against every attack, Peak adopts a holistic approach based on solid fundamentals and intelligent product selection. By automating security monitoring, Peak equips small businesses with the tools to defend against real-world threats effectively.

Don’t fall for the myth of perfect security. Instead, invest in Peak to elevate your cybersecurity practices without breaking the bank. Join the ranks of businesses prioritizing proactive security measures and experience the Peak difference today!

so what’s the peak difference?

1/4 the price or 4 times the capabilites

A solution you can trust

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peak primary components

the whole > the sum of the parts

In today’s crowded cybersecurity market, it’s easy for vendors to simply resell products and tout themselves as experts. But true cybersecurity goes beyond mere product offerings. It requires a deep understanding of the broader security landscape and a commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by each customer.

A robust cybersecurity platform necessitates a partnership with a provider who comprehensively assesses and fills security gaps. By addressing critical components and common security issues, such as those outlined below (among others), the true value of the platform emerges. Through meticulous risk mitigation and vulnerability management, customers can enjoy a heightened level of security coverage, resulting in peace of mind and satisfaction.

Only by partnering with a cybersecurity provider that prioritizes holistic security solutions can businesses achieve a security posture that truly enhances their overall resilience. Don’t settle for piecemeal approaches—choose a partner who understands the big picture and is dedicated to delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs.

Backups (Offsite & Onsite)

Ensure comprehensive data protection with Peak, the ultimate cybersecurity solution. No security strategy is complete without robust backups, and Peak delivers on this front seamlessly. With Peak, you can effortlessly conduct both onsite and offsite backups, ensuring the safety of your data from any location.

What sets Peak apart is its inclusive offsite backup storage feature, seamlessly integrated into the solution. We meticulously monitor backup operations to guarantee their smooth execution, providing you with peace of mind regarding your data’s safety.

Moreover, our rigorous practices include regular comparisons between cloud backups and local data, ensuring synchronization at all times. Rest assured, your data is encrypted before leaving your premises, and our offsite storage adheres to stringent standards like HIPAA, HITECH, and more, guaranteeing compliance and security at every step. Trust Peak for comprehensive data protection and unparalleled peace of mind.

Endpoint Protection

Elevate your endpoint protection with Peak’s cutting-edge next-generation anti-virus solution. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, our next-gen technology offers superior memory protection and boasts a smaller footprint, optimizing your computer resources for peak performance.

But that’s not all. Our advanced anti-virus goes beyond the basics, safeguarding against a wide array of scripts and leveraging artificial intelligence to proactively identify and neutralize unknown threats. With Peak, you can stay one step ahead of cyber threats, thanks to our innovative approach to security.

Rest assured, our vigilant monitoring system keeps a watchful eye on any alerts, swiftly investigating them to determine if further action is required. Trust Peak to deliver unmatched endpoint protection, powered by next-gen technology and proactive threat intelligence.


Experience unparalleled firewall protection with the Peak platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer location. Our leased firewalls are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including intrusion prevention and ongoing threat intelligence feeds, ensuring enhanced security against evolving threats.

But our commitment to your security doesn’t stop there. We go above and beyond by conducting extensive monitoring of the firewall for any security-related events, ensuring prompt detection and response to potential threats. Moreover, we monitor non-security events such as VPN tunnels and connectivity to external resources, guaranteeing seamless operation and uninterrupted connectivity for your business.

In the rare event of a firewall failure, rest assured that we’ve got you covered with our no-questions-asked policy. We swiftly replace the firewall to get you back up and running without delay, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous protection for your business. Trust Peak for comprehensive firewall protection and unmatched peace of mind.

Vulnerability Scanning

Don’t overlook the importance of internal vulnerability scans—essential for both compliance and enhanced security. Many standards, including PCI, mandate quarterly internal scans alongside external scans. Yet, despite their security benefits, internal scans are often neglected by businesses.

At Peak, we prioritize vulnerability scanning as a cornerstone of effective security practices. Our platform ensures comprehensive vulnerability assessment, identifying misconfigured services and potential threats to your infrastructure.

But our commitment to security doesn’t end there. Our advanced vulnerability scanner goes beyond the basics, providing checks-and-balances on all Peak components. For instance, while a patch may report successful application to a server, our scanner verifies its proper implementation, leaving no room for oversight.

With Peak, you can rest assured that your security measures are thorough and effective, meeting compliance standards and protecting your business from potential threats. Trust Peak for robust vulnerability management and unparalleled peace of mind.

Patch Management

Address patch management challenges head-on with Peak, the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes. Missing patches have been the culprit behind some of the most significant data breaches in history, highlighting the critical importance of effective patch management.

With Peak, you can breathe easy knowing that patch management is seamlessly integrated into the platform for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux. But we don’t stop there. Our comprehensive patch management solution also covers third-party patches for many popular applications, ensuring your entire infrastructure remains secure and up to date.

Just like every other aspect of the platform, we take proactive measures to monitor the patching process closely. Our vigilant monitoring ensures that all patches are installed correctly, leaving no room for vulnerabilities to compromise your security.

Choose Peak for robust patch management solutions that prioritize your security and protect your business from potential threats. With Peak, you can stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your infrastructure with confidence.

Multi-Tenant Interface

Enhance collaboration and support with Peak’s seamless integration with existing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or IT departments. Our platform is designed to empower partners by providing visibility into the same comprehensive set of tools and capabilities available to us.

What does this mean for you? It means that any service drops or security alerts we detect are instantly visible to your trusted IT support team. This collaborative approach ensures quicker response times and more effective support, leveraging existing resources to their fullest potential.

Your IT support remains empowered to handle day-to-day IT needs and hardware sales while gaining access to advanced security tools they may not have had access to previously. With Peak, MSPs and IT departments can effortlessly view all systems and related services within their dashboard, providing tailored support without compromising the privacy of other users’ data.

Choose Peak for seamless collaboration and enhanced support capabilities, enabling your business to thrive with the full support of your trusted IT partners.

Security Awareness Training

Without cybersecurity awareness training, end users are the weakest link in security. With properly trained staff, end users become a core element to your overall security. Well-trained employees essentially become another security sensor to alert you when something isn’t quite right. To accomplish this, the Peak platform includes the industry-lauded cybersecurity awareness training from TreeTop Security. How do we know it is so well-received by the community? We received tons of feedback before and after we gave it away for free! Yes, we gave it away because we believe in good karma and because it is the right thing to do!

Click here for Cybersecurity Awareness Training

When you are on the Peak platform, cybersecurity awareness training then becomes an ongoing process. Our platform is holistic so if we see an issue, we can investigate it and discuss it with the end user right away. We call this approach “security awareness reinforcement training.” It is one thing when an end user sits through an annual cybersecurity training and learns to identify and not click phishing links. It is a whole different experience when they receive a phone call within 20 minutes to discuss a link or attachment they shouldn’t have opened. That is why the reinforcement training becomes such a huge part of the process.

Phishing Assessments

Periodic cybersecurity awareness trainings for end users only go so far. You need to test your end users using hands-on events rather than waiting for the next “live fire” attack. TreeTop provides periodic email phishing assessments using some of the same phishing tactics the bad guys are using in the real-world. Quality phishing assessments also ensure your end user awareness training is working.

Threat Intelligence

Leverage the power of threat intelligence with the Peak platform to fortify your organization’s security defenses. Our approach integrates threat intelligence across multiple components, enhancing the efficacy of each element. By tapping into available data, we bolster your organization’s security posture, ensuring that even the most malicious entities on the internet are unable to communicate with your systems.

Monitoring system activity against diverse threat intelligence feeds enables us to detect and respond to abnormal behaviors promptly. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are identified and neutralized before they can inflict harm.

With Peak, you gain access to a comprehensive security solution that harnesses the latest threat intelligence to safeguard your organization against evolving cyber threats. Trust Peak to elevate your security defenses and provide peace of mind in an ever-changing threat landscape.


Elevate your security strategy with the foundational principles of the CIA triangle—confidentiality, integrity, and availability. While confidentiality and integrity often take the spotlight, availability is equally critical yet frequently overlooked in the realm of information security.

At Peak, we recognize the paramount importance of availability in ensuring the seamless operation of your systems and services. It’s not just about good IT practices; it’s fundamental to maintaining robust security measures. That’s why the Peak platform seamlessly integrates network and security operations, bridging the gap between availability and security.

By combining these essential components, Peak ensures that your systems are not only protected against threats but also optimized for continuous availability. With Peak, you can rest assured that your organization’s operations will run smoothly, with the proper allocation of system resources to support your security objectives.

Trust Peak to uphold the principles of the CIA triangle and deliver comprehensive security solutions that prioritize confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Choose Peak for unparalleled protection and reliability in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

NOC + SOC (Network & Security Monitoring)

Experience streamlined monitoring and enhanced event correlation with Peak’s unified dashboard, bringing all tools and data into a single, intuitive interface. Through custom API calls and scripts, Peak consolidates information from diverse sources, offering unparalleled visibility and insight.

Traditionally, large enterprises maintain separate Network Operations Centers (NOCs) for uptime monitoring and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for security tool management. However, Peak revolutionizes this approach by seamlessly integrating network and security operations. Whether it’s a system outage or a new security threat, everything is conveniently displayed and alerted on within the Peak platform.

With Peak, you can effortlessly monitor system uptime, security events, and more from a single pane of glass. This holistic view enables faster detection and response to issues, leading to improved outcomes and superior service delivery.

Additionally, for round-the-clock coverage, Peak offers secondary or shift monitoring, ensuring continuous protection and peace of mind. Choose Peak for unified monitoring, enhanced event correlation, and unmatched 24x7x365 coverage.

Wireless Networking

Elevate wireless security in the modern office with Peak’s comprehensive solutions. As the reliance on wireless connectivity continues to grow, ensuring robust wireless security is paramount. We go above and beyond by not only setting up wireless networks properly but also providing ongoing monitoring to safeguard against potential threats.

One of our key features is configuring wireless networks to allow only authorized devices, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized access. Need to accommodate employees’ personal devices without compromising security? With Peak, you can confidently implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies while maintaining stringent security measures.

In the rare event of access point failure, rest assured that we’ve got you covered with our no-questions-asked policy. We swiftly replace access points to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your business.

Trust Peak for robust wireless security solutions that prioritize your organization’s safety without sacrificing convenience. Choose Peak and experience seamless wireless connectivity with unmatched peace of mind.

Peak Platform throughout modern industries

Who needs the Peak Platform?

The Peak platform caters to diverse businesses across industries. While each sector may have its unique aspects, safeguarding data remains a universal priority. Whether it’s securing an ICS device in energy or an MRI system in healthcare, the fundamentals of data protection remain consistent.

The Peak platform attracts businesses with a heightened emphasis on data and customer data protection. In today’s landscape, where ransomware and sophisticated cyber threats abound, cybersecurity has evolved into a pivotal concern for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Businesses across the board recognize that inadequate cybersecurity poses a significant threat to their operations. Addressing this challenge is not just prudent; it’s imperative for ensuring seamless business continuity. By leveraging the Peak platform, businesses proactively mitigate cybersecurity risks, safeguarding their operations from potential disruptions.


Law offices often have highly sensitive information ranging from the names of protected witnesses to evidence photos to sensitive medical information. Peak can help protect their data and their clients.


What sector arguably has the biggest impact on society? An attack on public utilities could be devastating if we lose the very services we rely on daily. Without a doubt, the energy sector and other utilities are a target.

Real Estate

The real estate industry regularly handles data that criminals are interested in — financial and personal data. Realtors are regularly the target of business email compromise (BEC) attacks already and there is a good chance that will expand in the future. 


Healthcare has arguably felt the need for data sharing and data connectivity far more and far longer than any other industry. HIPAA and PHI (protected health information) are only the beginning. 


While government was originally thought only to be nation-state level hacking, ransomware changed that. Whether local, state, or federal, criminals are attacking government targets at every level.


The retail sector has seen some of the largest breaches in history. Although they aren’t as notable, smaller retailers continue to get breached as well. Expect the cyber assault on retail to continue as long as there is retail, i.e. forever. 


Criminals targeted the financial sector early on because quite literally, that is where the money is. This sector will remain a hot target and that sector needs to stay ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.


The education sector largely went untouched in cyberattacks. The rise of ransomware, the recognition of cyber insurance, and the realization that valuable data exists within the education system have changed that.


It may sound cliché, but every industry has something to protect whether it is pricing, contracts, a customer list, or a “secret sauce” process. In addition, every business has a network, systems, and data to protect that it needs in order to run efficiently.

Peak platform sample pricing

affordable & comprehensive cybersecurity

Experience transparent pricing with Peak, where all costs are derived from previous customers benefiting from our platform. Soon, we’ll introduce a hassle-free cost calculator, providing you with an accurate estimate tailored to your environment.

Our pricing remains consistent, ensuring minimal variation from the estimated price. However, certain scenarios may warrant adjustments: a) Active response scenarios stemming from initial installations b) Significantly outdated patches requiring extensive updates c) Increased demand for higher density wireless equipment

Rest assured, any changes to pricing will be communicated transparently, ensuring clarity and peace of mind throughout your engagement with Peak. Choose Peak for straightforward pricing and reliable cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs.

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