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Our team spent months putting together high-quality cybersecurity awareness training material. We reached out to numerous professionals for feedback -- information security, IT, and otherwise. We presented the material dozens of times all over the central United States both publicly and behind closed doors. And then, we gave it away! This presentation was downloaded thousands of times in over 150 countries in the first 6 months alone after its public release in late 2019!!! It has since been shared repeatedly by numerous industry experts and at some of the most well-known security conferences on the planet.

Downloaded in over 150 countries...
and counting!

You read that right... We're giving it away!!!

At the end of the day, we are just one company. No matter how awesome our customers think we are, there's only so much we can do to move the security needle. How can we touch more people and initiate change far beyond us? Those were some of the thoughts that led us to releasing our cybersecurity awareness training as open-source content. Now anyone can present tried-and-true material at their local library and business events in their communities without pouring days, weeks, or even months into developing content. The hope is to get a “grass roots” end user training movement going.

Aside from getting a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down in your tummy, there are other benefits to presenting.

  1. You are educating people in your community and helping to protect them from phishing emails, phone scams, SMS scams, and much more.
  2. You are improving your presenting skills.
  3. You are earning recognition as a subject matter expert in your area.
  4. Volunteering can be awfully rewarding. What isn't always rewarding is volunteering for something that doesn't utilize your talents or knowledge... This is your chance to change that.
  5. Because it's the right thing to do!


This video is our team presenting version 2021.08 of the content via a webinar. The recording is ad-free and it will always be so it is safe to share. Even if the video is all you need right now, we still strongly encourage you to present the material in your own community in the future!

The presentation is roughly 45 mins. The timing depends on your presentation style so we encourage a few dry runs beforehand. We also suggest stories to make the presentation more relate-able. There are quite a few slides, however, there should be very little discussion on the transition slides. If you schedule an hour, that will give a little time for discussion during the presentation and/or for Q&A at the end.

What are you waiting for? You can make a difference! Don't think about it. Just call your local library, co-working space, or other business event today and find someone to talk to about scheduling a date/time for the training. You won’t regret it!

You can download the slide deck as a Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx-ppt) file format. Alternatively, you can open the slide deck in Google Slides and make your own copy. Under no circumstances will we grant a request for edit access to the main slide deck, but there's really no reason to have access... download/copy, edit, and make it your own! We do, however, love feedback so feel free to let us know of changes that you make and we might incorporate them into future versions!

Update/Clarification: Shortly after we released this slide deck, several folks reached out asking if they could "white label" it for their own purposes. Quite honestly, there isn't a need to ask. The slide show is open-sourced under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial" license. We selected this particular license because it means a) you can't charge someone for the slides, b) you can make any modifications you deem necessary, and c) you must provide "appropriate" credit. For all practical purposes, text on the final slide works as credit if you want to avoid the murky legal interpretation of "appropriate." So while we would love for  you to leave the 'Content By' on the first slide, it is not necessary. Recognition for this work is far less important than getting it in the hands of those willing to share/present the content in their own communities and more importantly, who want to make a difference. The details of the CC license are also available on the SlideShare upload of these slides (link) for further reading as well as visibility.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (CAT) Slide Deck & Worksheets v2024.03

SlideDeck Version Release Date SlideShare Link
2022.08 August 31, 2022 Click here
2021.08 August 19, 2021 Click here
1.3 April 10, 2021 Click here
1.2 Sept 30, 2020 Click here
1.1 March 26, 2020 Click here
1.0 Sept 12, 2019 Click here
Worksheet Version Release Date Download Link
2022.08 August 31, 2022 Click here
2021.08 August 19, 2021 Click here
1.3 April 10, 2021 Click here

What Our Customers Say

TreeTop Security is quick to respond, knowledgeable, and a vital part to keeping our company’s technology up-to-date, safe, and secure! Their dedication to Security Awareness has been a breath of fresh air and it’s important education we were not previously provided.

dl (Small)
DL Business Manager

Security is expensive. That is unless you partner with someone like TreeTop. Peak is an impressive solution that makes security affordable to every business.

es (Small)
ES Restaurant Owner

Peak is above and beyond any security measures our business has ever done in the past. We're alerted on issues or even potential problems. We are even kept up to date on any ISP issues. Unmatched services at competitive prices make TreeTop and Peak the go-to solution for every small business.

RS Chiropractic Business Owner

We mean it when we say there has been a night and day difference from our old cybersecurity service provider to Treetop Security. They truly are experts in their field and we recommend them to anyone seeking peace of mind for their business security needs.

jg (Small)
JG Business Owner

While every other security company is selling you something along with their assessment, we found TreeTop utilizing equipment and software we already owned. So refreshing to find a confidante in cyber security you can actually trust.


We will continue using TreeTop Security for all of our high-end security needs because they give you sound advice and not fairytale recommendations where a business couldn't function afterward. Their understanding of business is a big plus and what really sets them apart!

BJ Business Owner
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